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Embark on a celestial journey with Astronauts Eighth, a premium cannabis offering that propels your senses to new heights. Packaged in a precise 3.5G measure, this brand is synonymous with discovery and adventure, offering users an extraordinary exploration of flavor, potency, and purity. Each strain under the Astronauts banner is carefully curated to ensure a stellar experience, whether you're seeking the euphoric realms of sativa, the tranquil depths of indica, or the balanced orbit of hybrids.


Astronauts Eighth is not just cannabis; it's a ticket to an interstellar journey, where each puff is a leap through the vastness of sensory experiences. Crafted for those who yearn for the extraordinary, this brand combines cutting-edge cultivation techniques with a passion for quality and excellence.

As you open the seal, prepare to be launched into a universe where premium cannabis meets unparalleled experience. With Astronauts Eighth, every session is a mission to the stars, promising an encounter with the sublime that's beyond earthly comparison.

Space Jaw Breakers 28.90%  Pkg 11/09/2023

Space Gummies 32.46% Pkg 3/09/2024

Astronauts Eighth (3.5G)

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