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Dive into the essence of high-quality cannabis with the BLSTD Live Resin Sauce by Stiiizy, a pinnacle of purity and potency in a 1G package. This live resin sauce is a testament to Stiiizy's commitment to excellence, capturing the full-bodied flavor and therapeutic essence of freshly harvested cannabis flowers. Utilizing a sophisticated extraction process, Stiiizy preserves the volatile terpenes and cannabinoids that are often lost in traditional methods, ensuring a product that is as robust in flavor as it is in effect.


The BLSTD Live Resin Sauce is not just another concentrate; it's a celebration of the plant's natural complexity and nuance. Its sauce-like consistency is perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in cannabis consumption, offering a terpene-rich profile that promises a truly immersive experience. Whether you're a connoisseur of the cannabis arts or a newcomer seeking the highest quality, this live resin sauce delivers an unparalleled experience.


Every dab or vape of BLSTD Live Resin Sauce transports you to the heart of the cannabis experience, with flavors and aromas that unfold like a symphony. It's a product for those who refuse to settle for anything but the best, offering a pure, intense, and satisfying session every time.


Blue Zkittlez (Indica) - 83.63% THC - PKG Date: 2/16/24

Off- White Cake (Hybrid) - 84.01% THC - PKG Date: 3/20/24

Pink Pineapple (Sativa) - 85.42% THC - PKG Date: 2/16/24

Strawberry Icee (Indica) - 83.41% THC - PKG Date: 3/20/24

BLSTD Live Resin Sauce (1 Gram)

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