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Guava - 24.12% THC - PKG Date: 4/15/24

LA Kush Cake - 22.22% THC - PKG Date: 3/21/24


Discover the exceptional flavors and effects of Bluebirds 1g Prerolls, available in the vibrant strains of Guava and LA Kush Cake. Each preroll packs 1 gram of premium cannabis, tailored for a distinct smoking experience.


Guava (Sativa-dominant Hybrid): Experience the uplifting and energizing effects of Guava, characterized by its sweet, tropical aroma. Ideal for enhancing creativity and elevating mood during daytime activities.


LA Kush Cake (Indica-dominant Hybrid): Enjoy the soothing relaxation of LA Kush Cake, with its rich vanilla and sweet cake flavors. This strain is perfect for unwinding in the evening, promoting deep relaxation and a peaceful night’s sleep.

Crafted with care, Bluebirds' prerolls ensure a smooth, even burn for a consistent and enjoyable experience every time. Whether you choose the stimulating Guava or the calming LA Kush Cake, these prerolls deliver quality and satisfaction in every puff.

Bluebirds 1g Preroll

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