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Enjoy the delightful fusion of taste and relaxation with Cookies Vegan & Gluten-Free 100mg Gummies, expertly crafted to suit both dietary needs and gourmet preferences. These gummies offer a unique combination of flavors and the soothing effects of indica-dominant hybrids, ensuring a pleasurable and relaxing experience.


Cereal a la Mode (Indica Hybrid) - Flavor: Cereal Milk Caramel, Packaged Date: 8/25/23: Savor the comforting and nostalgic flavor of Cereal Milk Caramel. Inspired by the sweet, creamy remnants of a cereal bowl, this flavor is perfectly complemented by the calming properties of the Cereal a la Mode strain. Ideal for a relaxing evening treat, these gummies help soothe your mind and body in the most delicious way.


Yellow Roses (Indica Hybrid) - Flavor: Lemon Cream & Rose, Packaged Date: 7/6/23: Experience the exquisite and elegant taste of Lemon Cream & Rose. Yellow Roses combines the gentle floral notes with a zesty lemon cream for a sophisticated palate delight. The effects are equally refined, offering a serene relaxation that's perfect for unwinding or setting a peaceful mood.

Cookies' commitment to quality is evident in these solventless rosin-infused gummies, ensuring a potent and clean extraction process. Each gummy is a testament to Cookies' innovative approach to cannabis edibles, providing a health-conscious option without compromising on the luxurious and rich flavors they're known for. Whether you're looking to relax with Cereal a la Mode or unwind with Yellow Roses, these gummies guarantee a delightful and effective cannabis experience.


Cereal a la Mode (Indica Hybrid) - Flavor: Cereal Milk Caramel - PKG Date: 8/25/23

Yellow Roses (Indica Hybrid) - Flavor: Lemon Cream & Rose - PKG Date: 7/6/23

Cookies Vegan & Gluten Free 100mg Gummies

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