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Indulge in the exceptional purity and flavor of Fryd's 2g Live Resin Liquid Diamond Cartridges. Each cartridge harnesses live resin extracted from freshly harvested cannabis, transformed into potent liquid diamonds to capture the essence of the plant's terpene profile and natural flavors.


Blueberry Zlushie (Hybrid): Immerse yourself in the deep, rich taste of blueberries with a hint of herbal undertones, reminiscent of a cool, refreshing slushie on a warm day.


Banana Runtz (Hybrid): Experience the lush, tropical sweetness of ripe bananas blended seamlessly with the creamy, sugary profile of Runtz, creating a smooth and delectable flavor that dances on the palate.


Red Vines (Hybrid): Taste the iconic flavor of Red Vines candy, with its unmistakable sweet and tangy profile, enriched with a hint of fruity complexity.


Strawberry Lemoncello (Hybrid): Enjoy the sharp, zesty punch of limoncello paired with the sugary sweetness of fresh strawberries, crafting a perfect balance between citrus sharpness and berry sweetness.


Fryd's cartridges are designed for a superior vaping experience, emphasizing the authentic and rich flavors derived from top-quality cannabis. Each flavor offers a unique taste journey, making every session distinct and enjoyable. Whether you prefer the sweetness of berries or the tang of citrus, Fryd's Live Resin Liquid Diamond Cartridges cater to all palates with their wide array of exquisite flavors.

Fryd Live Resin Liquid Diamonds Disposable Pen (2g)

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