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Get ready to giggle with Laughing Gas, a sativa hybrid strain that’s sure to lift your spirits and tickle your funny bone. Grown by the esteemed Growers Circle out of Las Vegas, this strain is renowned for producing the best flower in the state and even white-labeling for Cookies.



Feel an immediate rush of euphoria and creativity that can turn any dull moment into a comedy show, followed by a light, energizing body high.


Flavor Profile:


    •    Limonene: Zesty lemon aroma and mood-boosting effects.

    •    Pinene: Refreshing pine scent and mental clarity.

    •    Terpinolene: Floral, herbal aroma and uplifting effects.



Cultivated in the heart of Las Vegas, Laughing Gas is nurtured to perfection by the Growers Circle, ensuring top-tier quality and potency.


Why You’ll Love It:

Perfect for social gatherings or solo adventures, Laughing Gas is your go-to for a laughter-filled day. Remember, “Why so serious? Light up and let the laughter flow!”

Laughing Gas (Sativa Hybrid)

PriceFrom $45.00
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