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Sip Elixirs introduces the 100MG (2:1 CBN) Drink in Dreamberry Flavor, a seductive blend of luscious grapes and a berry undertone, designed to transport you into a state of nocturnal bliss. This unique beverage combines THC and CBN in a 2:1 ratio, offering a powerful calming effect that relaxes both body and mind, paving the way for a restful night's sleep.


Flavor Profile: Dreamberry – a harmonious mix of juicy grapes with a hint of berry for a soothing taste experience.


Effects: Primarily focused on sleep enhancement, this drink is engineered to help you unwind fully and prepare for deep, uninterrupted sleep.


Benefits: The special blend of THC and CBN is crafted to reduce stress and anxiety, easing you into a calm state that is conducive to falling asleep quickly and sleeping soundly through the night.


Recommended For: Anyone looking to relax deeply and enjoy a restful night. Perfect for ending your day on a peaceful note or recovering from a stressful period with a night of profound sleep.


Sip Elixirs' Dreamberry Flavor is your nightly ticket to escaping the hustle and bustle, ensuring sweet dreams and a refreshed awakening. Ideal for those evenings when all you want is to slip into comfort and drift effortlessly into dreamland.


100mg THC : 50 MG CBN

Sip Elixirs 100mg THC: 50mg CBN Beverage

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