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STIIIZY white label is sun-grown cannabis carefully cultivated to the highest standard. Nurtured by the earth and kissed by the sun, STIIIZY White Label is the perfect full spectrum expression of cannabis as it was meant to be. Flowers this flawless could only come from mother nature, and STIIIZY.


London Pound Cake (Indica Hybrid) - 26.26% THC - PKG Date:  3/8/24

Space Cake (Indica Hybrid) - 22.64% THC - PKG Date: 2/2/24

Sticky Papaya (Indica) - 26.41% THC - PKG Date: 3/8/24

White Berry Ice (Indica) - 18.94% THC - PKG Date: 1/17/24

Stiiizy White Label Eighth (3.5g)

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