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Weed for Warriors presents Sugar (1 Gram) with the Chesty Puller strain, a robust Hybrid featuring a remarkable 80.58% THC content. Named in honor of the legendary Marine Corps figure, this product embodies strength and resilience. Packaged on 2/13/24, it ensures freshness and potency, making it a prime choice for veterans and cannabis enthusiasts alike seeking a powerful and balanced experience.


The high THC level in Chesty Puller guarantees a potent effect, ideal for those looking for significant relief or a profound recreational experience. This hybrid strain is designed to provide a balanced high, offering the best of both worlds: the uplifting euphoria of sativa and the deep relaxation of indica. Whether you're seeking to alleviate stress, manage pain, or simply enjoy a moment of peace, Chesty Puller is engineered to meet your needs.


Embracing the spirit of the Weed for Warriors project, this product not only delivers premium cannabis but also supports a noble cause, aiming to improve the lives of veterans through access to medical cannabis. Choosing Chesty Puller is not just about enjoying top-tier cannabis; it's about contributing to a movement that honors and aids those who have served.


Chesty Puller (Hybrid)  - 80.58% THC - PKG Date: 2/13/24

Weed for Warriors Sugar (1g)

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